Gloria P. Oberbeck, M.D. | Board Certified in Family Medicine | (303) 828-9200

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Dr. Gloria P. Oberbeck, M.D.

Gloria P. Oberbeck, M.D.

Dr. Gloria provides compassionate and patient centered care that helps people realize their maximal state of health and wellness using a variety of modalities that promote mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Dr. Gloria is board certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians and has been in private practice since 1992. She graduated from Harvard Medical School, Boston, in 1989 and then completed her residency training in Family Medicine at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She has practiced in both small and large family practice centers in rural and urban areas of Massachusetts, New Mexico, Alaska, and Colorado.

Dr. Gloria has broad experience in caring for people of all ages and backgrounds in different areas of the country-this has given her unique skills, training, and credentials to provide the best possible integrative healthcare to all of her patients. Over the course of her training and practice since 1985, Dr. Gloria has trained,taught, and participated in formal western allopathic medical care, as well as intensive additional training and experience in areas of integrative health care including meditation, energy medicine, sound healing, Reiki, Yoga, nutrition, natural remedies, counseling, creative arts, and intuitive guidance.

Dr. Gloria opened Home of the Healing Arts in Erie, Colorado, in 2006 with the goal of providing high quality personalized health care in a very patient-centric way. She lives in Erie with her family and enjoys traveling, hiking, artistic endeavors, music, and reading. She cultivates a life of living, learning, and exploring. The success and growth of Home of the Healing Arts show that patients are heard, supported, and treated in ways that really work for them.

Dr. Gloria has also served her medical community in various capacities including as medical director of Community Medical Associates of Boulder Community Hospital from 1995-2002, as an active member of Avista medical staff, past chair of family practice department at BCH, a board member of the BVIPA, and an active member of the AAFP.