Gloria P. Oberbeck, M.D. | Board Certified in Family Medicine | (303) 828-9200

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I have been looking for a wonderful Dr. like this for years. She is so knowledgeable. I was referred to her by a nurse at the hospital when visiting a friend. I once watched her with an elderly woman in the waiting room with her daughter. She was soft and gentle. I absolutely love Dr. Oberbeck and her staff. 

Best doctor I have ever had. Always willing to fit me in and incredible patient doctor repoire. 

Dr. Oberbeck has been treating me for several years now, and I am extremely pleased with her. The office staff is extremely responsive and courteous. If you are looking to get away from a "medical corporation" and you want to be able to see one doctor every time, this is the place for you!

In January of this year my teen daughter was very ill. New to the area, we hauled her to"urgent care" type places in Lafayette. They treated her w/antibiotics and told us to wait. She got sicker, losing weight quickly. Back to the urgent care, where they said WAIT, take ALL the antibiotics, blah-blah. I found Dr. Gloria in the phone book. Arriving at the office, I was unsure I had the right place, as the office is in what was once a family home. Nature music was playing, antiques instead of typical medical setting. It struck me as unconventional--I guess I'm very conventional. I worried I'd made another mis-step, TBH. Dr. Gloria saw my daughter, listened to what was was going on,and (I believe) saved her life. She IMMEDIATELY phoned the Children's Hospital (Aurora) spoke with the appropriate people (in our case gastro). Our daughter is very healthy again, and I thank Dr. Gloria for being so comprehensive, thorough, thinking outside the box. On top of that she genuinely cares.

Besides being brilliant and compassionate, Gloria Bachelder Oberbeck is an incredible diagnostician. I could go on and on with accolades, but suffice it to say, she is an exceptional MD. Yes, sometimes she may be running a bit late, but she'll never rush you -- or any of her other patients -- which may be why. Take a book with you... she's worth the wait. 

I have been seeing Dr. Gloria for many years and she and her staff are so kind and caring. I have referred many people to her, including family members and my significant other.


I have been seeing Dr. Gloria for over 7 years when a lady doing my nails told me she could see a lump in my neck. Scared, I looked on-line and saw Dr. Gloria. Like others, I was at first taken back, thinking I had stumbled on some sort of herbalist or something. Boy was I wrong! Dr. Gloria immediately sent me to specialists, and has cared for every member of my family since. She is the most trusted doctor we have ever had, treating the whole body and sending you on to a specialist when the time is right. We have 100% confidence and even though we have moved a couple of hours away now, we still only see her. It is worth the drive. - Vicki O.

Best Staff In The world! They made the wait time pleasurable and unnoticed.

Dr. Gloria was recommended to me by a doctor who has saved my life once in surgery and once during severe childbirth complications. I am a 28 year old single mom so my health is number one. The first time I went to see her, I was a little freaked out as she works out of a "home" office, and the atmosphere is very zen, which is not me at all. Her office has now become a place of relief and trust for me and my family, and I spend a lot of time there. I go in for blood work every month to monitor my condition. She has helped me through so much that I cannot even imagine what life would be like without her. My mom goes to her, my ex goes to her and several of my neighbors have also switched over. I even take my daughter to her occasionally, though I adore her pediatrician. Dr. Gloria listens to you, gives you answers and if she doesn't know she finds out. I have never felt more cared for nor have I cried so many tears of relief in any other doctor's office. She is definitely a shining light...

Dr. Gloria practices a "whole body" approach to healing. When you visit her, she takes the time to talk and listen to you. A doctor who takes a personal interest is a rare and wonderful thing. I highly recommend her to everyone I meet. - Alli S.

Not only is she a wonderful person, Gloria is probably the finest diagnostician I've ever encountered. - Charlotte L.

Dr Gloria has a caring and professional approach. She listens! - Guillian K.